Pregnancy is part of the natural process of human reproduction resulting from sexual intercourse. When fertilization happens, an embryo will begin growing in the woman’s uterus, developing into a baby. Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks from fertilization to the baby’s birth.

About Pregnancy

There are some risks associated with pregnancy. However, as pregnancy is a natural part of life, these risks are usually minimal. Check with your doctor to see if any of you have any preexisting health conditions that will affect your pregnancy.

A pregnancy test is an important starting point. After the test, our peer mentors will give you information on pregnancy, adoption, and abortion. We accept walk-in or scheduled pregnancy tests. All services are FREE and confidential.

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You’re not in this alone. We’re here to walk beside you step-by-step.

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Parenting is a learning and growing experience—a lifelong adventure for both children and parents.