Abortion is either a medical or a surgical procedure where the pregnancy is ended by removing the fetus from the uterus. It’s important to make certain that your pregnancy is viable before paying money for an abortion. If there is no heartbeat, the fetus should pass naturally without the need for surgery or additional expenses.

About Abortion

Like any surgery, there are risks involved in abortion, especially if you have certain health complications. Educating yourself on abortion and its procedures is critical to making an informed decision.

An important first step is receiving an ultrasound. An ultrasound will reveal if the pregnancy is viable and help you determine your next step. At the PHC, we offer ultrasounds up to 20 weeks. All services are FREE and confidential.

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Like all medical and surgical procedures, abortion carries its fair share of risks – both physical and emotional. Schedule an appointment at the PHC to discuss what option is right for you.

Like any surgical or medical procedure, abortion has the possibility for physical and emotional complications.

Abortion is often considered a solution for the stressful circumstances of unexpected pregnancy. However, the actual act of receiving an abortion can have long-term psychological repercussions.